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Dennis Chavez Horse Abuse (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
About this Video
Submitted By: Anonymous on March 27, 2012
About the Video: 4 Horses were found dying at the Southwest Livestock Auction owned by Dennis Chavez. They had been down for a while and were completely emaciated. One of them had a bleeding injury on the hip. More info at
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Jstavixxx commented on March 31, 2012
District Attorney Lemuel Martinez shouldn't have to decide anything! These horses were suffering, plain and simple and someone should be taken to task for it. We are responsible for the lives of the animals we decide to have. What is there to decide? Chavez abused the animals, make the jackass pay!!!
splintair commented on March 28, 2012
Mr Chavez needs to be dealt with accordingly and expeditiously. Any ordinary citizen would be facing 4th degree animal abuse felony charges. Disgraceful how the Livestock Board can be so nonchalant about the incident. This expose has been a long time coming . These people have become too comfortable and have profited from this behavior long enough. They are not above the law, are they?!?
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